Equip.Empower.Educate Why we won't stop.

Two beautiful women meet at a mommy and me function and realized that they had more in common than they thought. Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes were both victims of crime. That was when they decided that someone needed to educate and empower women, with affordable and adorable to tools to protect themselves. In 2011 they launched Damsel in Defense and have been a debt free company since, with over 19,000 Independent Damsel Pros. Believing this to be a blessing, Damsel in Defense donates to four different charities every month. Visit their corporate page to vote for the next monthly charity.


As an Independent Damsel Pro it is my personal mission to help them in this mission, by getting a stun gun into every woman’s hand. As a single mother I was introduced to Damsel in Defense at a local vendor event, where I purchased my first pepper spray. Now I am proud to be apart of this great organization, and love helping women turn the numbers of victimization. God Bless.