The Daphne Collection

Billy Fold (RFID) wallet

Prevent RFID credit card theft with a RFID wallet.

Billy Fold $20.00
Today’s credit cards use radio frequency identification technology (RFID) which is safer, but still not perfect. In an ever changing technological world, the tools needed to steel this information from your wallet is very affordable. Once someone has this technology all they have to do is walk within a few feet of you to steal your credit card information. Most banks have developed a system that changes your cards information with every purchase, but that still means that they could have enough time to make a purchase before you use it again. In short, you could still end up paying for their new big screen TV. Damsel in Defense has a line of special wallets geared towards preventing this theft from happening. Our RFID wallets are made is a special material to prevent that signal from entering your wallet. Get it Here17757745_700094836845113_328043683_ndefense

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